What I learned while being in lockdown

Hey there, beautiful people! 💖

I hope all is going well for you and you have survived the best way you could this time in lockdown.😊 This has got to be one of the most raw and full of emotions posts I had written so far. It has been a bit over 2 months since the breakdown of this small virus happened all over Europe. At the beginning of the year, this situation would have been a distant nightmare, which I normally did not believe it to be true. Unfortunately, it has become a reality… one that hit all of us really hard.

In spite of this, I have been trying to stick to a somewhat “known reality”, which involved me being a student, working from home and trying to stay sane while doing these things. But really now, this time was beneficial for me and I reflected upon events and things. I can definitely say that I have learned quite some important lessons during this quarantine. 

Easter away from home

Never would I ever believed that I will have to experience this feeling so soon and in this context… It was one of the strangest and saddest feelings. It hit me, in the very last minute… The first Easter I had to spend away from my loved ones. Holidays are supposed to be the best moments of the year, when all the family gathers around the table and it’s filled by joyful and beautiful moments, which become well kept memories. This year, Easter left a bitter-sweet memory, but it taught me that I can handle the preparations and having guests on my own. Just trying to be a little bit positive about this, but I was really reminded that family is the most important thing! 

Work-Life Balance

Is it a myth or does it exist at all? I used to think that working from home would be so awesome and basically, just a dream come true… Well, during this time at home I have got to work way more than I expected. I have come to the realization that I don’t know where to stop, and late hours proved that to me, since I fell off track with this balance and uhmm… I lost it completely at times. 

Working from home in some cases can be very beneficial and you can be really productive, since there are no interruptions, but it is a fine line between work and life at home, and I seem to have crossed it again and again and fell into a trap of not knowing where one ends and the other one starts. Discipline has to be very strong with this one, and I learned it the hard way during these weeks… 😞

New skills and passions

These times required for me to step up my performance and I actually discovered and invested in new passions I never thought I would like. For example, cooking… I used to cook and bake once in a while, but now, after trying new recipes, I could cook daily. I really love it. At the same time, I have been getting more into blogging and I have many articles coming your way. I have been dedicating time to do as much as I can with these new skills. Also, I have been getting back on track with my work out schedule and all about UX, which I was struggling with. 

Better Organizing

With family worries and work worries, I have come to the magic truth of how much I suck at organizing. Buuuut, in some thrilling news I am proudly announcing you that I have found a solution to this problem and I am correcting it. I wrote some of the tips in an article you can check out here.  

This aspect proved to be a more difficult one than I expected, but you must take it into account when you have all this time, because otherwise you risk of slipping into a trap. 

Appreciating life more

Never again will I ever take for granted the sense of normality I had in my life, such as being able to go out whenever I want, visit my family,  going to work, being able to go and shop for food without having to stay in line outside the store. At the same time, I had been once reminded that I am blessed to have such amazing people around me (I love them so much 💖), even if we are social distancing. I have never and I won’t ever take that for granted! 🥰

I just hope that Covid 19 will slowly start to disappear… I know it has brought such a change for all of us… and I am trying to be optimistic. Maybe the world needed a break, and we needed to pause… Maybe we were moving too fast and we were forgetting about the things which truly matter. 

Maybe this time was meant for us to get back to ourselves and finally do the things we postponed doing and found excuses for. Other than that, what is one thing which you have learned from this quarantine?  

Stay safe, 

M 💖

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