3 ways to style a bodysuit

Good evening, guys! 

Long time no style article and I have to admit that I am excited for this one! ❤ If you follow me on instagram, you have already seen one way of styling a black bodysuit, but I have come up with additional ways, since they are really amazing pieces and versatile too. This means that they are multi seasonal, while helping us get a seamless and sleek look. 

  1. For this one, I wore it on its own, pairing it with light wash jeans (but you could use any pair of jeans). Also, you can pair it with a skirt or just regular trousers. It looks cool and well put together. Easy and fast and you are ready to go! 

             2. In case it gets a little cold, you can add a jacket. I have chosen to bring a little bit of colour and I went with a pink leather jacket. 

                 3.  Jeans on Jeans!

A classic, but throwing on top of it a jean shirt can bring it to a new level and changes the outfit. Having the black body suit pop out in between the light colours of the jeans.  

I don’t know if I convinced you by now, but having a bodysuit in your wardrobe it’s a must! It is definitely going to save you and there are many others way that you can style if, from replacing the jeans with a skirt, or the shirt with a blazer and turn it into a smart casual outfit. 

Let me know your thoughts! I will see you soon with a new blog post! 

Until then, take care! 💕


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