3 Netflix shows to binge watch while in lockdown

Freedoom… sweet freedom how much I miss you. 😞 As I am sitting on my balcony, enjoying this rainy day, I am just thinking how I can’t wait for the isolation to be over so that we can go for nice and longs walks, and meet our friends and have a somewhat familiar reality as we have known it. 

Having downtime is equally important and I must admit it, I almost never had time to sit and binge watch shows, but now was the perfect opportunity to do so. And I have found 3 shows on Netflix, which I couldn’t stop watching and kept me up almost all night (I know I can’t be the only one).😅


This show has been recommended to me by 4 of my friends… this made me think it is clearly a must see! Needless to say, they have not been wrong. Unorthodox is a short series (4 episodes) on Netflix which portrays the life of a Hasidic Jewish woman named Esty Shapiro and her run away from the community she has been living in. What I really liked about this miniseries is that it’s based on Deborah Feldman’s memorial and it shows so many details about the Hasidic community and their traditions. Honestly, it is a must see and I am really hoping they will add a second season to this show, because I cannot wait to see more. 

Too hot to handle

Well… well… This is somehow a guilty pleasure…

It’s clearly not what you would typically expect from me, but I consider it to be rather a social experiment. 😂  It’s funny and it also shows us how emotional and deeper, meaningful connections are really difficult to be formed by some… Lana makes sure of that by guiding the participants onto the right path (just watch it and you will see what I am talking about). It was released in April and it’s filled with cute moments and drama. Worth to give a watch to the 8 episodes of season 1. Plus, we have some good looking people in there too. You wouldn’t want to miss that, trust me! 😍

Master of None

I found this show randomly, but I don’t regret in doing so. I have also found out that it has won a Golden Globe (clearly I have been living under a rock, don’t judge me!) It is filled with funny moments and it follows Aziz Ansari’s romantic and personal experiences as an aspiring actor in New York. Each episode from the 2 seasons will have you smiling and just genuinely enjoying it. I was hooked on the first season.  

I hope you find this list of series helpful, if you needed something new to watch and please let me know what show/series you would recommend. I am all up for this! 

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