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The Ultimate Make-up Revolution Duo Brow Definer Review

It is no secret by now that we all want to achieve the perfect brows and if possible without breaking the bank. Today I might have for you the perfect drugstore product- Makeup Revolution Duo Brow. This budget-friendly brow pencil has been generating buzz for its versatility and impressive performance. Today we will cover everything from its dual-ended design to its staying power and color selection. The Makeup Revolution Duo Brow might be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.


The Makeup Revolution Duo Brow comes in a double-ended pencil format. One ending has a retractable brow pencil while the other has a brush, so you can comb the eyebrow hairs after the application. 


Duo Brow comes in 3 available shades: 

  • Light Brown – for dark blonde/light brown brows.
  • Medium Brown – for medium/dark brows.
  • Dark Brown – for darker brows.

Compared to other brow products it is a smaller shade range, but they work well from what I have seen with the testers. 


The Makeup Revolution Duo Brow Definer boasts a creamy yet buildable formula. Waxes like synthetic beeswax and carnauba wax provide long-lasting wear, ensuring your brows stay impeccably framed throughout the day. I can confirm that for me the formula was long-lasting and it worked great for my eyebrows. It kept them in place and t gave them a somehow waxed look. 

Overall, the Makeup Revolution Duo Brow Definer is a strong player in the drugstore brow product category. The creamy formula allows for both natural and bold brows, while the waxy formula ensures long-lasting wear. It is definitely worth giving a chance, but I must say that since I discovered other brow products, I am not sure I would repurchase it as of now. But if you are looking for a new product to experiment with, then this one is worth a try, as it is affordable, precise and a versatile formula.

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