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How To Get A Glowy Skin this Winter

Still unbelievable for me that we have officially started the last month of this year! Such a hectic time and once the temperatures are decreasing, the same thing happens to our level of hydration for the skin. Now it is the perfect time to build a skincare routine from scratch that would prepare you for the upcoming cold months. According to experts, our skin tends to be the driest during winter and it can cause it to age faster, to look red and flaky and overall more dull. In order to avoid this, we must slightly adjust and follow these pieces of advice: 

Moisturize & use SPF

It is crucial not to forget about a great moisturizer and SPF. Yep, that is right… Just because it is winter and sun may not be that present, this doesn’t mean that UVA and UVB are not affecting our skin. Of course that the levels may be lower, but they are still there and you need to take care of your skin, especially if you go skiing. Needless to say that your skin hydration depends  on how much water you drink, so please remember to have those glasses of water daily! 

A moisturizer which works wonders and it is a best seller and about which I have talked about in this blog article, would have to be Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream! ❤ It combines both SPF and a great moisture for the skin. Other great option would be the one from Fresh Beauty.

Face cream


Exfoliation plays a huge role in your skincare routine since it is a process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and it should be done regularly. I promise you that you will notice changes. For instance, you could try this at home with Lactic Acid or Glycolic Acid. You will notice improvements in the texture of your skin, guaranteed! 😉


Don’t forget about your lips! Excessively licking your lips when they are chapped will only make them even more chapped and that can cause other issues. We have to make sure to hydrate them properly with an lip balm and lip masks. The ones that I found the most effective would be La Roche Posay’s lip balm and Laniege. 


Prevent dry hands… even if is sounds obvious, your hands need special attention during this time, especially in the context of a pandemic when we tend to use hand sanitizers. There are plenty of hand creams meant to help you out and I could name only a few of them, based on my preferences and what I have tried so far. L’occitane has some of the best hand creams, followed by Bioderma, then Balea. But I will offer a much more in detail review soon! 😏


Also, this would be the perfect time to add new products into this routine, such as: Hyaluronic acids, Vitamin C and E. They enhance and target  these fine lines and especially Hyaluronic acid provides hydration in preserving the young aspect of the skin.  

All in all, these are the tips you should keep in mind this winter! See you tomorrow with a very exciting post! Please let me know how you are taking care of your skin this winter! ❄

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