My Christmas playlist 🎧

Hello there! πŸ€—

It’s day 2 of Blogmas and we need to get into the spirit of holidays, so we must have some great music to listen to. No worries! I have prepared for you some of the well known classics. If you ever find yourself in doubt or have a hard time choosing what to listen to, I hope this article will help you out!Β 

We open the playlist with the absolute classic songs which are timeless and inevitably put you in the mood for Christmas. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis and so on. The tunes of “Rocking around the Christmas Tree”, “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas”, “Let it snow” can’t be left out!Β 

Also, Michael Buble’s Christmas album is everything we need to listen to this season (every year)! πŸ₯° He is defrosting as we speak (or read this article). πŸ˜‚

Traditional Romanian carols are a must for Christmas (especially when being sung by the Madrigal choire).Β 

And last but not least, here are 2 of my favourite songs and without them Christmas would not be complete! No matter how much of a clichΓ© they are and are given endless listens.

I have made a short list for these songs and please let me know which are your favourite songs during Christmas time (those types of songs that make you feel pure joy)! See you tomorrow with a new blog post! πŸ€—

P.S. If you love Christmas music, just tap that little heart right there!Β 

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