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BEKO Hygiene Shield steamer review & thoughts

Hey there! 

Are you looking for the very next thing which can make your life so much easier? If you said yes, then welcome to my world, because same. 🙌

If you are like me, then I must say it out loud: I hate how time-consuming ironing clothes can be! Also, I find it painful trying to find the iron’s right temperature for the clothes and how careful one needs to be during the whole process. For these particular reasons, I started looking for something which not only would make my life easier, but it would get the job done. Here is where the Beko Hygiene shield steamer appeared. 

Technical requirements

In terms of technical characteristics, Beko’s steamer has 1.1 kilograms and a power of 1600 watts. The downside would have to be the fact it is made of plastic. What I particularly liked, when choosing this one was the dimension of the water tank, where you have 230 milliliters to fill it with water, which means you can iron quite some clothes. 

In terms of accessories, this steamer comes with: 

  •  two brushes
  • one beaker.

It has an electronic display, which enables you to see whether the steamer lacks water, which mode you are using to iron, and whether there is any error. 

How to use it

Plug it in and power it up (duh)! 🤣 Beko Hygiene Shield will heat the water immediately and it will start to generate a fairly good amount of steam so that it makes it easier to iron different types of clothing. However, if you have some wrinkly clothes, you will need to work on them and it will take some time to get rid of the wrinkles. What I enjoy about this one has to be the continuous flow of steam. This steamer has 2 different options the Eco one and the standard (I prefer using the eco one because I noticed it does make a better job depending on the fabric). 

One piece of advice is to be very careful and work in different sections (start with the sleeves, front, and back), to obtain the best results and keep the steamer to a decent distance from the fabric.

You must pay close attention because the steam is so powerful that you might just burn yourself if you don’t use a proper way of hanging the clothes. 

Well, I just find it lovely how easy is to iron all my dresses, shirts, T-shirts, basically everything. This steamer offers much more than I could ever imagine for the garments. One important tip is that you will notice after finishing that your clothing is somewhat damp with water so you need to allow it to dry for a little bit. The process of steaming means putting moisture right into the fabric. 

I have been using it to iron my clothes for when going to the office, but also my dresses for events, and here are some examples of before and after: 

I hope you find this review useful and it can help you make a decision, because I recommended it to my close friends, and this one did not disappoint. 😋

Also, if you are looking for other gadgets that might just make your life a little bit better, I think you might enjoy reading this blog post as well. Make sure to let me know in the comments what steamer you are using and worked wonders! 🤗

Photo credit: Thank you  Andrei Draghici for helping me with these amazing photos! 🤗 Make sure to check out his work! 

*Disclaimer: Beko Hygiene Shield Steamer was purchased, used, and tested by me and the opinions are my own. 😉

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