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Philips fabric shaver review

In today’s article we will discuss about a relatively recent find of mine, which turned out to be a hero for my favourite clothes: Philips Fabric Shaver GC026. 

I must admit that I have heard some things about this fabric shaver, but I wasn’t very sure what to believe… so what a better way to find out more about it and its performance than actually purchasing it? After using it for a few months, I can definitely say that it is a must have help! 😊

The advantages

  • The blade surface is relatively large and it covers a decent area
  • The pill container will help you not to make a mess
  • It’s suitable for the most delicate garments
  • It has a little brush, which can be used to clean your device afterwards
  • Easy to use (you have to make circular motions on the garments, so you can remove the pills)
  • It comes with 2 AA Philips batteries
  • It has a relatively low noise during the process (below 50db)
  • It has up to 8.800 rounds/min blade rotation

It really saved my clothes and it restored them, by removing all the fabric pills (including the stubborn ones). Below I have added 3 different examples and you can definitely notice the changes and how good the material looks afterwards. 

What I love about it

It is easy to pack it with you if you travel, it restored my favourite clothes and I love the removable pill container (since you won’t make a mess). Also, the fabric shaver was really affordable and it is the best deal you can get for your clothes. Philips Fabric Shaver is a versatile gadget and it really delivers more than you can expect from it.

I have purchased mine from their original website and you can find it here.

I hope you found these pieces of information helpful for your next purchase and if your already have it, then please let me know your thoughts about it. 💖

*Philips fabric shaver was purchased, tested and used by me and these views are my own! 😉

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