My favorite mascaras of all time

Hello, beautiful friends! 

I have wanted for quite some time to write this blog post and I hope you will find great help in it. 😉

We all want to have beautiful, long, voluminous lashes, which look exactly like falsies. For me, it was quite difficult because I have straight and small eyelashes and it was quite difficult to find a mascara that would help me. Hopefully, I have found much more than I could have ever imagined and I made a list for you. These are the mascaras I have bought again and again in the last 7 years and they worked wonders for me. ❤

Nars Climax Mascara

Nars describes this mascara as an “innovative mascara that delivers buildable volume and intensity in a flexible formula without clumping or smudging.” 

In terms of packaging, the mascara comes in a red plastic tube, and it has a perfect wand that catches all the eyelashes. I love that it is not smudging and it makes the eyelashes longer, not clumping them. So the claim is respected! I love the volume it gives to the eyelashes. For someone with hooded eyes like me, it gives the impression that you wear falsies. The downside would be it contains less product than other mascaras, but I had it, both in the travel size as well as standard size and it lasted for quite some time.  

On the other hand, it does hold a curl for the eyelashes and it’s amazing.  If you like a dramatic eyelash look, then this one is the mascara you need to go for. Every time I travel, this one is part of my make-up bag and I keep going back to it. 

Bonus: It can easily be removed! 

My rating:
Too Faced Better than sex mascara

Probably one of the most famous mascaras on planet Earth mostly because of its name, as well as its formula. Too Faced claims it is your “holy grail mascara” and it gives “a more dramatic look with each coat.” 

It has an hourglass-shaped wand and comes in a pink metal-like tube, which is high-end in terms of quality. After the first application, I noticed a major difference in my lashes and it offered me an intense color. However, you must be careful, because if you apply too much product, then you will have clumps and that is not a good look. 

I especially loved the long wear time of this mascara and the curling ability it has. As a downside, I would say the brush can be too big to reach shorter eyelashes. It has a quite dry formula, so you might experience some flakes if you rub your eyes and forget you have mascara on (which happened to me too). 

Overall, it was a great mascara for my needs and worked wonders for me. However, if you have short eyelashes, it might be a hit or miss, so do keep in mind this aspect. 

My rating:
Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Mascara

I believe Kevyn Aucoin’s mascara was the first high-end mascara I ever tried and I was completely mesmerized by it. I couldn’t get enough! I know the opinions are mixed for this mascara, but it did work for me. 

The brand claims “the mascara delivers undeniable volume.” It has a two-sided wand with an arched topside that separates the eyelashes. You are supposed to use the arched topside of the wand first to deposit mascara on the eyelashes and then rub it from side to side, then brush outward to thicken and separate the lashes. It has a dry formula, and I liked the fact that it did make it look as if I was having lash extensions. When I used this mascara, people would ask me if I had false eyelashes on. I adore it maintained the curl on my eyelashes and it separated them beautifully. 

Kevyn Aucoin’s is worth testing to add volume to your eyelashes, as well as length. Also, it is pigmented and you will notice an instant change.

My rating:
Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1

This mascara has a nice story behind it. Long story short: I was away for the holiday and while I was in France it caught my attention, so I got the travel size one. I fell in love with it, because it enhanced my lashes beautifully and it looked as if I was ready for a photoshoot. The packaging is unique and it gives me the impression of a mermaid tail somehow. 

My eyelashes are very straight, but this mascara makes them bigger somehow within 2 coats. The 4-in-1 mascara is designed to lengthen, volumize, curl and condition the lashes. It has a nice and traditional wand, that works great for shorter eyelashes as well as for longer ones and it separates them beautifully. What I can exactly tell you is: it is waterproof and it is kind of difficult to remove it. 

Bonus: This mascara has a vegan formula! 

Note: I repurchased this mascara twice. I loved it that much! ❤

My rating:
Sephora Size Up Mascara

This mascara was a surprise for me! It had an entire release campaign dedicated to it, so I was wondering what made it so special. I posted on my IG Story when I bought this one. 

Sephora’s mascara comes in a gray plastic tube and it has an hourglass-shaped wand, which helps in making lashes longer and it gives them volume. I must say it does this from the first coat. 

The downside would be that it smudges really bad (especially in the summertime when it’s humid outside). Also, it transfers very badly to the upper eyelid in my case since I have hooded eyes. I chose to overlook this aspect since I love how my lashes look every time I use this one. 

It is buildable and it does not clump your eyelashes, I have been using it for the last few months because it is a great deal for the price. 😏 This is the reason I must say you should give this one a try. Also, I have purchased this one twice. 

As a bonus, it has a vegan formula. 

My rating:

Let’s discuss below and share what mascaras impressed you and what you would recommend! 😊 I am always on the lookout for a new mascara! 😉

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