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2019 in review

Hello beautiful people! 

Raise your hand if 2019 attacked you in ways you did not expect it to. 🙋 

Now, as we are closely approaching the end of the year, it is time to look back on how it was, what we did good/wrong, what lessons we learned, but most importantly what we are expecting from the year that is to come. 

In last year’s article I was talking about some great lessons I have learnt, and do no get me wrong, I am still standing by them, even if this year has dragged me and tested my patience. I feel like 2019 was more like an year of growth for me- how and why do I know that? Because I have gone through some painful experiences that made me realize how fragile life is.

Life isn’t about waiting for a new year to come so that you apply the rule “New year, new me”, but rather it is about consistency and ability to reinvent yourself whenever you need to; it’s about conquering all your fears and going for it, even when the odds seems to be against you. 

I really feel this year has just given me the experiences I needed and not those which I wanted or hoped for. 

2019 proved me I am a constant work in progress and that I don’t need to have everything figured out. Maybe, we should also slow down from time to time and be more present. I am guilty of always thinking ahead and stressing myself for the outcome. Instead of keeping ourselves busy we should learn to work smarter and not harder. Also, work-life balance is important, because focusing more on work won’t make the rest of the problems magically disappear (still guilty of it).

One step at the time, because we need to be patient with ourselves, as well as more present. With this being said, I hope the new decade brings you the greatest things you could have only dreamed of. 🥳

We shall meet soon with new articles, because…

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