Estée Lauder Perfecting Loose Powder Review

Hey there! 

In today’s post I want to talk about a translucent powder that changed the game in make-up for me: Estée Lauder Perfecting Loose Powder. After revolutionizing the game in terms of foundation with the Double Wear formula, this setting powder is living up to the expectations too. 😄

Perfecting Loose powder comes in 5 different shades: Light, Light Medium, Translucent, Medium and Deep- this is a good sign that there is a shade which will match your skin tone.

I have mine in the shade “translucent” and it creates one of the most natural finishes, and indeed, it is just like the claim on their website: “softer than silk”. This powder has got to be one of the smoothest loose powders ever and it applies like a dream. Even if I have dry skin during this time of year, it does not grab onto it and it really lasts for a hours, without having to touch up. This and the texture are a big win for me. 

Buuut, just like any other product, it does have pros and cons: 


  • Extremely finely milled powder
  • Long lasting and locks your make-up
  • Sheer finish and natural coverage
  • Leaves the skin smooth and controls the shine 
  • It doesn’t have any flashback
  • Nice packaging (even though it is made of plastic 🙁 )


  • It does not come with a brush or sponge 
  • A bit messy to work with and you must be careful
  • It doesn’t necessarily cover flaws (at least in my case)
  • The price (it is a bit high there in price and if you plan on using it on the daily basis, you will have to re-purchase it quite often)

Overall, I really love this powder and it works wonders, especially in the area around my eyes. I would definitely give it a 9 out of 10, because I really like the texture and how smooth it leaves my skin. However, Estée did a great job, even though there are debates around this product, but I must say that I like it better than the drugstore loose powder I used to have previously. 

Hope you found this helpful and let me know which other loose powders I should give a try. 😊

I’ll see you soon with another post, until then I hope you are having a great week ahead of you! 

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