3 places you must see in Munich

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I hope things are going well for you so far in 2020. I know quite some months have gone by since I have been to Munich, but as I am writing this article I am nostalgic and I must tell you that I would go back anytime, any day. Munich… so many beautiful memories and I enjoyed every single moment. I don’t want to start writing about everything I have done there, because this article would be too long, but I want to tell you about 3 things you must absolutely see if you are going to Munich. 

I loved Munich so much that I cannot wait to go back. The streets seemed to be very familiar to me, even if it was the first time I was there. The food, the streets and the places were just extremely nice and unforgettable. What makes it even more memorable is Dennis Lloyd’s concert, which was AH-MA-ZING! Needless to say it was an unforgettable experience. 

        1.  City Center

Just like in any other city you would travel to, you must go and visit the city center. It is the place where you can see the perfect architecture, take a walk on the busy streets, stop and have a little shopping spree at all the boutiques. Also, you must have a beer at the Hofbräuhaus, plus they have such a great atmosphere and amazing German food. Taking a walk around Marienplatz, because it will not make you feel disappointed, since the architecture is detailed and beautiful. At the same time, I cannot forget about St Peter’s Church, which is really nice and emblematic for Munich. Buuuuttt, apart from this, I will let the photos to do the talking for me. 🙂 

2. Munich Residenz 

A masterpiece… And I can definitely tell you that you will need to have planned quite some hours for a visit. It is enormous and it comprises the residence, the museum and the opera. You will fascinated by it and it is one of the most important museums in Europe. I have found out a lot of information for sure and I loved it! ❤️ Needless to say, my favorite room was the ballroom. 

      3. BMW Museum

Whether you are a BMW fan or not, you must pay a visit to this museum, and I can guarantee you that you will be impressed by it. I, for sure, know that I was. It is incredible how well thought a car can be, from every single point of view. The concepts and what they have in work for the future is just mind blowing. 

With this being said, I cannot recommend Munich enough, and so you can understand even better what I am talking about, make sure to check out a little vlog I have edited from this trip. Just make sure to check my instagram. 😊

I will see you soon with a new blog post and a surprise! 

Love you,

M ❤️

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