Your ultimate Christmas gift guide

If you are here you are probably looking for a little gift inspiration to get for that special someone in your life. I am proud to announce that this year I have been on track and been able to buy and send the gifts right on time, namely I checked one of my resolutions for this year and learned from my mistakes. I know how difficult it can be to find someone a great gift, but also something that he/she would enjoy and actually use it. With one day left until Christmas Eve, I hope you can find some gift ideas which you might enjoy. 

The recommendations I will be giving are items which are simple and useful and which could possibly match a wish list. If you need more ideas then you can also check my last minute gift guide for more inspiration. 😄


I know it may sound boring or just be a simple idea, but trust me that a good book will always make a great gift! You just need to find the right one. Books are appreciated, whether they are e-books or paperback/hardcovered ones.😊 

Skincare & Make up

I am unashamedly a beauty products lover and I am sure that your friends will appreciate such a gift more than you think. After this year, we could all use a little bit of skincare, since wearing a mask has proven to be rather difficult. Based on your budget, you can opt for various products from different price points. Some of my recommendations would start with Cerave hydrating cleanser/cream, The Ordinary continuing with products from La Roche Posay, Ivatherm, Bioderma, and moving further to products from Estée Lauder, Clinique, Origins, Dr. Jart, Kiehls. These brands have various products you can choose from and around holidays, they have special packages you can choose from. Not only that you will have a very nice looking package under the tree, but you will take care of your friends.

Make-up or other products which fall under this category will make a great gift, since they are so nicely wrapped and patiently waiting for their owner in their box. 

Support their hobby

I have always believed that each one of us has a hobby or just some activity we are extremely passionate about, whether that would be travelling, photography, reading, singing, dancing, doing make-up and you name it. For instance, if they love cooking, then maybe you could offer them a book of recipes they could try, or if they love reading you can get them a hand made bookmark. Also, if they are passionate about travelling then you could get them travel sets or accessories that they could use during their travels. These are just a few ideas, but I am sure you got the point. 

Thoughtful custom or handmade gifts

If you have the time, you could create your own personalized gifts for your friends or you could find and support a local business you can get a gift from. It could go from personalized items of clothing to hand made jewelry, to bookmarks, to notebooks, journals, as well as Christmas decorations. It’s not only that you help a local business, but your gift will stand out as being unique. 

Technology Must Haves

For someone who is a tech lover, I have some ideas and I hope you find them helpful, since some are items I already own and I couldn’t do without. 

If you are shopping for someone who has been on the lookout for some new beauty and haircare items, then we have Foreo, hair curlers/straighteners. 

Electric toothbrushes along with headphones, or even fitness bracelets could make a great gift as well.  


Cheers to the future

Well, it is never too late to be thoughtful and offer the person you are shopping for, a bottle of their favourite drink (whether it is alcoholic or not). 🍾 This would work great with a note promising new plans once this situation will be over and when we will be back to a new kind of normal. 

I can honestly tell you that these holidays will be different and this year made me realize how much I appreciate my family and friends and that I don’t tell them this enough. So perhaps with all the gifts you will be spoiling your family and friends with, just remind them how much they mean to you and that will make it to the best Christmas gift!


Happy Holidays! 

Photo credit: Thank you to Andrei Draghici for helping me with these amazing photos! 🤗 Make sure to check out his work! 

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