Why we should support local businesses

This year has changed completely our lifestyles and in the midst of this pandemic, businesses have been greatly impacted. It is a very difficult time for all of us, but especially for entrepreneurs and those who have a small business. We might not be aware of how much we can help them by purchasing their products/services, whether it is online or from their small shop (while having in mind the required measures of protection). Now more than ever, it made me realize how much I took for granted the things I was able to do before Corona virus entered the chat. 

Worldwide, we are experiencing uncertainty, and small, local or family businesses need our help more than ever. So… I challenge you to pick a local/small business and tell your friends about it. It can be a coffee shop which has amazing coffee-to-go, it can be a small restaurant, or a hand-made concept business, a book shop and any more. I am sure we can discover together some local businesses that need some support from us right now. If you love their products and ideas, why not share it with us? 

Don’t forget that sharing is caring and I can assure you that they would really appreciate it! ❤️

Plus, other ways to support them would be a follow for all their social media, purchasing gift cards, sharing their offer, like their posts. 

When I accepted this challenge from Banca Transilvania, I thought about many businesses we could help during these times. Also, I discovered many businesses from my colleagues and friends and I intend to buy from them.

Food & Drinks, Fashion and Jewelry, Beauty, Fitness, Stationary, Home Decor businesses need us! So I challenge you to pick a business you would want us to know and tell us more about it! We’re in this together! 

Stay safe and I will see you soon! 😃

*This was not a sponsored post. It was a challenge I accepted and I really encourage you to pass it on.  

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