Welcome Blogmas! 🎄❄

Well, oh well… Here comes the countdown for the most awaited time of the year: Christmas! 🥳 I cannot help but wonder where time flies and how we are yet again waiting for Santa and to reunite with our families. 

This year I decided to spice things up and… what is Blogmas you may wonder? Allow me to explain this term: Blogmas is a tradition consisting in bloggers all over the world posting on their blog every day in December up until the Christmas day (it could be 12 or 24 days) . Last year I missed the opportunity to be part of this movement, but I thought I should give it a try this year. 

Why and what you can expect?


Personally, I know this will be very challenging for me, but I know that I have many ideas to share as well, and this time my perfectionism shouldn’t get in the way of me writing these upcoming blog posts. This is the type of challenge that will take me out of my comfort zone and will bring towards me a new perspective. Other than that, the holiday season might be the best time to try something new and out of the ordinary. I hope you choose wisely too! 😊

I missed writing and posting during these past months and it was quite difficult to me to get around my schedule, but since this is something I love to do, so here we are- no more excuses! ❄

Christmas is my favourite holiday and I have quite some ideas to share about it. I am well aware of the fact that it will be time consuming, but I will give my best to express my ideas/feelings/emotions/thoughts during these 24 days. Even as I am writing this blog post I can truly say that it feels great to be back and I am more than excited for what it’s to come! 🤗 I want to thank you for joining this journey with me! 

See you tomorrow! 

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