Three recipes to try this Christmas

Picture this: Being at home surrounded by your friends and your family. You talk and you laugh, being around the table while enjoying the absolute delicious meal within the ultimate Christmas menu that your mom prepared together with your grandmother. Sounds very familiar, right? Well, the truth is that Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the delicious food and the cookies. It’s all so so delicious, you can barely resist it. I love food and since I have been cooking more, I wanted to share with you 3 different recipes you could try this Christmas dinner:

Puff Pastry Tarts

According to the recipe, this one should be very easy to make and it takes up to 30 minutes. It looks absolutely delicious and you can use different topics for it. Plus, what I love about this recipe it’s the fact that it can be prepared the day before or right before serving it. The recipe can be found here


Roast chicken

Turkey or chicken seem to be always a good idea when it comes to the Christmas dinner! Well, after intense research I think I have found a recipe that it definitely must be tried. It looks absolutely delicious… I mean… 🥰 You can find the recipe right here. 


Sweet mince pies

Christmas Sweet Mince Pies are a traditional British dessert. They can be made with brown sugar and dried fruits and soaked up in brandy. This seems to be a very delicious dessert this Christmas. You can find the recipe right on this lovely blog


I hope you enjoy these three quick ideas and let me know if you would like to see more of these ideas! Make sure to tap that little heart! 💖

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