The ultimate gift guide for your office

Hey there lovelies! 🤗 Life happens and in the midst of it all, I have been also looking for gifts and here we have a new article with a little inspiration. It is that time of the year when you are most likely to be involved along with your colleagues in a little Secret Santa gifts exchanging. When it comes to office gifts it can be a little bit difficult, especially because you might not know what to get the person. Ohhh and especially during these times, when working from home doesn’t really help us to interact very much. So here I made a little list of presents that might help you during this stressful time.  

Tech lovers 

Depending on the budget you established, here are some options: 
  • Wireless mouse
  • Wireless charger 
  • Bluetooth speaker 
  • A pair of cool headphones
  • Keyboard cover

Traveler and always on the go

  • A cute thermos
  • Prep bowls set
  •  A cute tote bag
  • Books
  • A planner

Other options could be just as useful when working from home: 

  • A little succulent (low maintenance)
  • A very nice smelling candle
  • A bag of coffee (we all know working from home requires more coffee and this could be the best option)
  • Since it is Christmas, what about a cute little decoration for the Christmas tree (it can be handmade too) 
  • A new agenda 
  • A personalized desk calendar (with some of their favourite photos or quotes)
  • A desk mat

I hope you can make a great gift and find inspiration with these options. And before I forget, chocolate it’s always a great alternative. ☺ I will see you tomorrow with a new article and until then, don’t forget to show this article some love! 🥰

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