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Christmas beauty tips

Tomorrow it’s Christmas Eve and I thought that some beauty tips from this article could be helpful! It can be a little hectic with all the preparations that have to be made and you need to get ready meanwhile. 🤗

On the menu

‘This the season to be jolly and to eat and to drink and to be happy. No regrets, but you and me, both, have to be careful about alcohol during the holidays. Alcohol dehydrates you and can leave your skin dry and dull.  It causes blood vessels to dilate (which is why you may appear flushed) and it may affect your skin for the long term. So… drink water as well and be careful! 


Make-up is supposed to be fun, and what I absolutely recommend to have for the holiday season would have to be concealer and a red lipstick (besides your skincare products). I promise you that the concealer helps a lot with covering the tired under eyes area, while the red lipstick will make you look elegant and chic. 

Bonus tip: Using an eyeliner will help with creating a classic and beautiful look for Christmas (even for a party).  


In order to have your hair done easily, and in such a way that would advantage your make-up choice, you could try to do a simple sleek ponytail or a cute up do. It will make your look so much more put together and you will save a lot of expenses by doing it yourself.  


As we were discussing in Blogmas day 3 when it comes to skincare, make sure you exfoliate your skin and you use a moisturizer as well. Your skin needs to be prepared for any look. These 2 reminders are a must! 

Pick the right eyeshadow

Depending on your style, I would recommend you having a smart eyeshadow palette added to your make-up kit. It’s a good investment and can help you in a lot of situations. The ones which I love would have to be Huda Beauty’s nude palettes and Natasha Denona’s mini eyeshadow zendo palette. They would be perfect to create a clean and fast look and it will accentuate your eyes’ features. 

I hope you find some of these tips really helpful! All in all, don’t forget to have the best time ever with your loved ones and may you cherish these moments which are the best, with your loved ones. ❤

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