Caramel Melange by Zoeva Review

Hello my dears and Happy Women’s Day! 😊 I hope your week has been going great. In today’s article I am back with the review of a palette which is very dear to me. By now, you may know that Zoeva is a brand that I love and Caramel Melange makes no exception. In fact, I don’t know why this palette is not talked about, that much, because it definitely deserves more recognition. 

P.S. Make sure to read ’till the end for a surprise! 🥳

Where should I start from? This palette is a neutral color lover’s dream. 💖 The shades are perfect for day to day use (to work, uni, courses), as well as for more complex looks as it would be a night out. Keeping this in mind, the palette has 10 shadows, from which 6 are mattes and 4 are shimmers. You will find great transition colours and awesome darker shades perfect for a smokey eye. 

Wax Paper

A matte shade perfect to be used as base or to highlight your look. 

Universal Delight

A matte light brown shade perfect to be used as a transition shade


A matte shade as well, a very bright one, neon-orange shade. It blends really nice and you can use it for many looks. 


This is a shimmery shade and it has a golden sheen- it is perfect to be used for even on its own. One of my favourite shades as well as one of the most used ones. 

Liquid Centre

It’s a metallic copper shade, which has also a rose gold tone. ❤️ It is the best!  


It is a matte warm shade and it is a red toned brown, which is perfect to be used as a transition shade as well. 

Start Soft

Also a warm shade, and it is a more orange warmed tone and it may seem very similar to Alchemy, but it isn’t. 

Finish Sensual

It is a warm medium brown perfect for smokey eye looks.I am mostly using it as a transition shade, because it blends like a dream. 

Almost Burnt

It’s a shimmery shade and it is a light yellow gold, which looks slightly metallic. I love it!

Edible Gem

The last shade in the palette and even though it looks purple, when you start to blend it is a warm brown. I want to say that it is shimmery, but you can barely see the shimmer after you blend it. 

From left to right 1- Wax Paper 2-Universal Delight 3-After State 4-Alchemy 5- Start soft 6- Finish Sensual
From left to right: 1- 182°C 2- Liquid Center 3- Almost Burnt 4- Edible Gem

This is a pallete that is beginner friendly and it will become your best friend, since it blends like a dream and has incredible pigmentation, all this while having a long lasting formula. Overall, Zoeva’s Caramel Melange is that one perfect palette which contains the right combination between neutrals and shimmery shades, even if you will experience a little bit of fallout. Aannnndd as you saw in the photos, these shades are gorgeous, so since I love it so much, I would like to be the one offering it to you. Make sure to enter this giveaway onto my instagram, as fast as you can since the contest will be available only until the end of the month.   

Make sure to enter the giveaway and let me know your thoughts about Caramel Melange if you have been using it! Have a great day and I will see you soon with a new article! Also, have a nice spring! 😊

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