3 Christmas drinks that you must try and that will put you into the great holiday spirit

The festive season is calling and you must answer… and what else can set the mood for the upcoming days better than some favorite Christmas drinks. 🍸 Celebrating the holidays just won’t be the same without the perfect drinks that can accompany the amazing food. If you read my last article and started to prepare the lists and the menu, then I am here to help you, because I have done some research for you and picked the top 3 festive drinks you can easily make. The inspiration for this blog post came mainly from Vino Vest and BBC Food and I hope you enjoy them!  

Mulled Wine

Christmas just won’t be the same without a mulled wine mug. Can we all agree on this? All you will need for a great mulled wine is: wine, cinnamon sticks, oranges and oh well, some condiments for mulled wine. Of course all is based on your preference. 
All you will have to do is to combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and let them boil together to a medium heat setting. You will need to let it simmer and then turn the heat to low. You can serve it while it’s still hot/warm! Nothing more Christmassy than this one! 🍷

Cranberry sangria

A quick alternative to mulled wine and it’s really easy to make. Cranberry juice is my favorite and ohh… let me tell you that during winter it makes miracles! You will need to have rosé wine, cranberry juice, rosemary, lemonade, cinnamon stick, sugar, and lemons. You will mix them together and add them to the fridge for one hour. After that, top up with the lemonade, then add the cranberries, rosemary, and ice and you have the best result! Find all the quantities necessary for this one here.

Passionfruit & elderflower spritz

And of course, we cannot forget about the drivers and those who sacrifice to serve this purpose at Christmas. Here is a really easy alcohol-free party drink idea. The ingredients you will need are passion fruit juice, lemon juice, sparkling water, lime leaf to serve, and elderflower cordial. All the ingredients will need to be chilled before preparing this one. Pour all of the ingredients into your glass, taking your time when you add the sparkling water so it doesn’t overflow. 

I hope you enjoy this article and let me know if you will try any of these drinks for the festive season! Make sure to drink responsibly and most important don’t drink and drive! Happy Holidays! 🎄🥳

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