My favourite things about Christmas

Well, oh well… if this isn’t day 22 of Blogmas and I am surprised that I am still going strong even if there are 2 more days left, but I will catch up on everything, I promise, even though I am a bit behind and a little late with this one article. 😄 This particular one, it’s more personal than the rest, and I will let you know some of my thoughts and observations I have made across time during this holiday season. 

The truth is that I used to love Christmas, I really did… Now I do too, but it’s different this time… It is a kind of a weird different, the type I cannot express in words, the one that brings tears into my eyes, because this holiday has never been the same since 2 years ago. Losing someone dear to you right before Christmas it’s a type of hurt that stays… Maybe, just maybe, some of you can relate to what I am trying to say… but even when dealing with loss, you still have to find the will and the force to move on. However, I don’t mean to sadden anyone so let me tell you some of my favourite things about Christmas that give me hope. ☺

  1. People ‘s kindness during this season it’s just incredible. I really notice how people smile more, they tend to be more helpful and overall just kinder in their interactions. It’s a beautiful thing to see and I hope that would last throughout the entire year. 
  2. Family gatherings, especially with those you have not seen in a while. The feeling of warmth and love that you can find within your family and friends doesn’t compare to anything else.  Quality time is sacred! ♥
  3. Christmas music and movies– I just love them. They are so relaxing and give such a nice feeling. 
  4. All the pretty lights and decorations, including decorating the Christmas tree. 
  5. The happiness of offering gifts and seeing the reactions of those that receive them. This is a different type of happiness.  
  6. Christmas food– I would lie if I were to tell you that I don’t enjoy eating Christmas food (cabbage rolls, traditional soups and so on) This is the time when the calories don’t count. 
  7. All the best memories that I cherish the most about Christmas, especially the ones from my childhood (yes, this includes embarrassing photos too). 
  8. Christmas markets and events are pretty cool and they can be a very cool experience for everyone. You can find lots of joy there! 
  9. Cosy nights in, with lots of pillows, blankets, tea, your favourite book or movie
  10. The overall Christmas cheer, either from opening the presents, or from taking themed photos during these days, or decorating. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and I am more than excited to find out what is your favourite things about Christmas! 🥰🤗

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