How to perfect this holiday season

Well, hello there beauties! 🤗 I hope things are going great since we are counting down the days until Christmas. I am still in shock that we have just 3 days left for Blogmas. But don’t worry because we will have some great articles before closing it. ✨If on Blogmas Day 19 we were talking about not being stressed and overwhelmed for Christmas, now I will share you with you some ideas in order to perfect this holiday season. 

Remember one holiday tradition 🎄

Being nostalgic on holidays is just a sign of the good old times, so pick a holiday tradition you used to do together with your loved ones and recreate it now. It can be fun and memorable! 

Capture the moments 📸

Probably you heard this quite a few times, but you must take lots of photos during these holidays, because these are the moments you want to remember and relive. It doesn’t matter that people might get tired of you, because after quite some time they will thank you for capturing those moments that truly matter. 

Go for a short walk 🥰

After all the madness and the eating and the baking/cooking, you might want to take a break in nature and have a quick walk in the cold, refreshing air. It can do surprisingly good things for you and your health and you will definitely see some benefits and think more clear after it.  

Have a Christmas movie marathon 📽

What is Christmas without a movie theme marathon? It just doesn’t feel right or like holiday season… And if you think about some movies, just check Day 12 Blogmas and you will have a long list of movies. Also, Netflix can help with some suggestions if you need them. 

Spend time with your loved ones 💖

Let’s not forget what Christmas it’s about… It is the perfect time for get-togethers with family and friends and sharing love, thoughts, opinions, feelings…. It’s about being human after all and you must enjoy this time with the people you love! give them a big hug and be grateful and cherish those moments! 

I hope you can already picture the perfect holiday season and you have your plans in place. All in all it is about you being happy, fulfilled, content and just make sure you protect your boundaries, your joy and your wishes. I will see you tomorrow with another blog post! ❤

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