How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows At Home: NYX Lift & Snatch Worth The Hype?

Hello there, my beautiful friends! 
Today we will discuss about a product that might become your holy grail! By now, you might have heard about the NYX Lift & Snatch Brow Pen, and in today’s article, we will cover everything you need to know about it. 

This drugstore favourite has taken the beauty world by surprise. I admit at first I wasn’t fully convinced I should buy it, but a really good friend of mine told me this has become a product she can’t live without and her eyebrow game was changed forever since having it. I tried it and I must say: Wow, what a beautiful surprise it has been. 
Before going further, there are also Nyx favourites I use and you can read more about them here. 

Starting with the packaging, it comes in a plastic pen package and the brush tip has a very fine point, which makes it really easy to create thin hair like strokes. What I particularly liked is that it’s not dry at all, and at times it may be even too saturated. 
It has 1 ml of product, which I believe it should last for quite some time. 
The packaging is similar to their eyeliner pens. 

Lift & Snatch comes in 10 different shades, so I think it is really thoughtful of them to offer such a range. My shade is Ash Brown (a medium brown, with grey tones in it). In my case this shade blends in with my eyebrow colour.

The formula is a liquid one with a medium to high pigmentation. And as Nyx instructions go: the pen needs to be shaken and then with light pressure applied to fill in the sparse areas of the brows. From my experience, I noticed if you press harder, you get thick and more pigmented lines (and the pen tends to bleed a bit while doing so). 

I have been using this product for almost 9 months now and I can say that it has become my holy grail product and that 1 ml goes a long way. I an draw in individual hair strokes like on the sparse areas and the tip is very precise, which makes it perfect and easy to control. 
One thing I must say is I appreciate how long lasting it is, especially as it is not waterproof. It stays put on my brows all day. My favourite brow product for sure and worth when it comes to price, especially compared to ABH Brow Pen.

I hope you found this review helpful and informative. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that can help you achieve natural-looking, feathered brows, then the NYX Lift & Snatch is definitely worth considering. It’s a total game-changer for my brows and has quickly become a staple in my makeup routine. 

If you are already using this one, I would love to hear how it works for you, so please share your experience. Make sure to stick around as I will be back with more beauty holy-grails. See you on my next post! 

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