The perfect place for some peace and quiet: Panoramic Residence

I just want to start by saying I have a discovery that I feel needed more recognition. This time my travel destination was Borșa (Maramures, Romania).

Maramures region is gaining more and more popularity each year and if you ever come to Romania, it is a must-see! Panoramic Residence was the perfect place, full of peace and quiet, as well as a cozy destination. The scenery was simply breathtaking, and imagine sitting in bed and looking over to see the mountains. It is what you never thought you needed! 🥰

We had one evening to take advantage of the full experience and we did not regret it. 

Firstly, the location is great, right close to the cable car and the ski slope. The beautiful scenery, the facilities it offers, and the experience, make Panoramic Residence the perfect place for a complete and well-deserved retreat. 

The bonus for me was the little puppies they had there and they were so friendly and full of joy. If you are a dog person, you will be in heaven while playing with them. More than I could have been wishing for along with the incredible view I woke up to. 

How to get there

Panoramic Residence can be found at an approximate 1.100 m altitude. It can be a little bit tricky to get there on a rocky road, but don’t worry because the hosts will offer you all the details and facilitate your access, to the chalet. By any means you will be delighted by the experience already!


Besides the beautiful, spacious, and cozy rooms (each one has a bathroom), they offer a spa area with a hot sauna, a tub, as well as a jacuzzi (while we were there, we did not use it). The chalet apartments are very welcoming and clean. They have a really modern aesthetic, with white and brown furniture, and a blue bed frame, with white sheets, as well as smart TVs. Panoramic Residence also offers access to a fully equipped kitchen, connected to the apartments, where you can bake or cook any food. Also, you have a terrace with an amazing panoramic view of the mountains (this makes it especially great in the morning while the sun rises). It is more than you can ever imagine when you find yourself in the middle of nature surrounded by silence. 

To the outside lay three sunchairs, but to be really honest, we did not use them, since we preferred to stay by the little lake on the rocking chair, admiring and taking in the views. 

Other activities you can do nearby are ATV and off-road riding, which can be provided by the host. They offer a guided tour as well and this is a great way to find out more about the area. The prices for the ride might differ depending on the number of persons and the complexity of the tour you would like to have. And you can go for a hike as well! Either way, you will get to see beautiful scenery! 


As I was saying, you have a completely equipped kitchen where you can bring your food and you can cook, or you can simply have the possibility to order from a place nearby and they will deliver it. We opted to get our food to be delivered to us, but we really liked it, plus it came rather quickly. So absolutely recommending ordering, for a fully relaxing experience.  They have a coffee machine, a new fridge, and other kitchen appliances. 

If I were to describe Panoramic Residence, it would have to be the perfect place to spend your weekend or a short holiday in the mountains: it is cozy, extremely clean, and with a touch of modern aesthetic you will rarely see in Romania. ❤ I will be back at the location for sure. Plus, the hosts are welcoming and they will be taking care of you!  

As a bonus, if you work remotely, then you can definitely work from there because they offer free Wi-Fi. 

Are you tempted to head over to the mountains? Rodna mountains are a great option. Visiting them in the summertime is just amazing, And I am sure that in the wintertime it will be just the same, especially with the hot tub nearby that I was telling you about above.  So for those of you who want a quiet and luxurious retreat into the mountains, Panoramic Residence is the perfect place to find yourself at! ❤

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