Revuele black peel off face mask review

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For this week’s article, we have a review about the Revuele charcoal peel off face mask. These types of masks have been very popular for quite some time. I must admit that I have also tried the DIY masks which went around on Youtube and on Pinterest, and even though I followed the exact recipe, it ended up being a disaster. But now, I have discovered a new face peel off mask, from a brand named Revuele Beauty & Care, and the struggle of doing it myself it is no longer present.

I must admit that it intrigued me at first, since I haven’t seen this brand around before and when I searched online for a review, I found one or two reviews regarding it. Anyways, it is very affordable, and I really wanted to test it so I could get an opinion about it and see if it’s any good.

Now, I have sensitive skin and like most of the population I have blackheads. The peel off masks claim to solve this issue and extract all the sebum and dirt, death cells from your face.  This mask has 80 ml, which is a pretty nice quantity that should last quite some time. The main ingredients in this mask are: Zinc Oxide (which is great for cleaning the oil from the face, reduces the redness and inflammation of red spots), Silver Citrate (antibacterial, cleansing properties), and charcoal, which has a lot of health properties, such as:

  • detoxifying the skin
  • relieves bloating and gas
  • removes stains from teeth
  • general detoxifying (some people drink activated charcoal)
With this being said, the Revuele peel off mask claims to:
  • be used against acne and blackheads
  • deep pore cleansing
  • render your skin matte
  • regulate the sebaceous gland function

This mask is recommended to be used 1-2 times a week.

The + :

  • The price point is great for such a mask (I paid something around 3 euros for it)
  • It does leave my skin smooth after I use it
  • It removes the oil and dirt from your face
  • Even though I have sensitive skin, it does not leave my skin red after peeling it off
  • It is fun to remove (as you probably saw all the videos which are going around)
  • Lovely scent

The – :

  • Unfortunately, it barely removed any blackheads… and I bought it solely for this purpose. I was  disappointed regarding this aspect.
  • It is a bit difficult to remove and painful
  • I did not notice any major improvement on my skin after using it.

Overall, I would give the Revuele mask an 7.5/10, just because it did not remove any blackheads nor it did prevent the appearance of acne. But in spite of this, it is a nice face mask and for this price point, it can be given a try. I would also like to try other products from Revuele. Have you tried it?

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  1. Ok. I just bought this product from the mall and I applied it and every thing. Over all it’s a really good product, if your looking for something to start your fave mask journey with. It left my skin feel so silky smooth I couldn’t stop caressing my face but the part with removing blackheads and stuff didn’t work for me but that probably because I put too thin a layer on my face I don’t know. But all in all it’s a really good product, I don’t regret buying it one bit and I’d recommend it to anyone who wanted to try out charcoal masks. Rate: 7/10

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