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Nyx products review

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For quite some time I  wanted to get my hands on some of NYX’s products and now I finally got to do it. Needless to say that I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered and I have some pretty cool recommendations. And the best part is that they are also on budget. ☺

I must admit that I have been in the Nyx store for quite some time, trying out the products, because I could not decide. Then, I finally got my hands on quite a few products. 

Eyeshadow palettes

I have been for a while on the lookout for some colorful eyeshadows, and Nyx’s ultimate edit was just the right fit for me. You have 4 combinations that you can choose from and they are everything you need in a palette on the go- Brights, Phoenix, Ash, and Warm Neutrals. These palettes were inspired by the Nyx professional makeup ultimate shadow palette. 

I have got 2 of them: Nyx Ultimate edit- The brights and Pheonix. And now you may say: “But girl, they are so similar, what even?” And I can tell you that even though they seem similar, they aren’t. Allow me to tell you why. 

The Brights

A look inside the palette, it contains 6 beautiful and colorful eyeshadows which are extremely pigmented: 3 shimmers (orange, pink, purple) and 3 matte colors (yellow, blue, and green). The shades blend very well and you can build the intensity, which is great since it can be difficult to work with such vibrant colors. It can help you achieve some of the looks you see on Instagram, but you just need to be very careful. The packaging is made of plastic, but it is sleek and convenient for travel. 

This particular palette made it to my collection since I needed vibrant colors, but without having to spend a lot of money. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that the bright pink will stain your eyelid, so for this very reason, you should wear a primer. 



Phoenix has as well 6 different shades: a shimmery yellow and one orange, a somewhat brown, a red matte shade, a purple, and a dark green.  This one is slightly different from the Brights one since it has some trouble with blending it and some of the shades do not have such great pigmentation. However, when I wore the red shade, it did stain my eyelid pretty much, so you should take care. 

The texture was different for all the shades and the second shade in the palette was a bit difficult to blend. Overall, a nice one to keep around. 

Nyx eyebrow gel

Nyx’s Control freak eyebrow gel is an oldie that was a very popular product and chances are you could have always seen it on Youtube. 

The packaging it’s just like regular mascara, which I liked. It has a generous quantity of 9g and it has a validity of 6 months after opening. It has a clear formula and it works very well over powder or an eyebrow pencil. Nyx’s eyebrow gel enhances the brows and it resists all day, but it can feel tacky. It is easy to apply it, even if it has a bigger brush, but you still need to be careful. However, it did not have such a long-lasting effect. 😥 Overall, it’s a nice product for the value. 

Liquid highlighter "Born to glow"

When it comes to packaging, the highlighter has a peachy color, resembling lip-gloss and it has 13 ml (a generous quantity, from my point of view). The shade I have been using is “Sunbeam”, which would have to be a pale pink shade. You don’t have to worry that you will be using more product than needed with this packaging.

Indeed, you have to blend it very fast, since it dries quickly and once you apply it, the highlighter will be settled for sure. You will have a pretty silver sparkle glow. You can build the intensity and the creamy texture helps. It’s an affordable one and it deserves the chance if you are looking for a highlighter. 

Nyx eyeliners

Nyx’s eyeliner “That’s the point” 

I purchased 2 of these eyeliners, namely because it has a fine tip and it offers you precision in applying it. It dries quickly and it offers an intense color. The downside of using it was the fact that it did not last as much as I expected and it can smudge a bit. Other than that, if you are a beginner in the eyeliner world, then it can save you. 

Nyx’s eyeliner Epic Ink Liner

This particular eyeliner caught my attention by its formula being waterproof. Just as “That’s the point”, it makes application very easy and in a matter of seconds you can achieve the perfect winged line. It has a precise tip, and a great black payoff, but you should keep in mind that it can smudge. On the other hand, the price is just perfect so you must get this one! 🥰

Nyx lip pencils

I will start by saying that they are a great and affordable dupe for Mac’s lip pencils. I have them in 2 different shades: Natural and Prune.

They have 1.04 g and have a safety cap to protect the tip of the pencil. A disadvantage would have to be the fact that it doesn’t have a sharpener. Other than that, it doesn’t have a smell or a particular taste. They glide on easily, they are pigmented and they have a decent staying power. If you have dry lips though, these might look a bit cakey.  

Nyx lip gloss shine loud

Firstly, this one is smudge proof and it is a pain taking it off. It lasts for hours and it has such a great formula, but it can dry your lips. It is a product that went viral on TikTok, but I assure you this one you would like to keep close in your collection. 

How it works: at first you apply the matte color first and then you apply the glossy top coat. When applying the first coat, you will feel your lips very dry, uncomfortable, and sticky, so you can’t wear it on its own just like that. The good news is that after wearing a mask, it did not transfer. 💋 I have the shade Rouge a levres.

I hope you found this one interesting and of course, you must let me know which other products from Nyx I should get next. Until next time, please let me know if you enjoyed this one and give a  ♥ to this article! 🤗

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