My Christmas market wish list

It’s day 7 of Blogmas… it’s kind of scary that a week passed us by since I have started this challenge. 🙁 It wouldn’t be Christmas without visiting at least one Christmas market. I mean… it’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means we are ready to get festive. Today we are day dreaming a bit about the Christmas markets I would like to visit, and if you visited them, I look forward to reading your impressions! 🤗

Vienna Christmas market

Probably, the most awaited Christmas market by far. It is well known that Vienna has some of the best Christmas markets and it completely changes during this time of the year. It is on my wish list and I can absolutely tell you that it will be for a while since it got cancelled this year. 🥰

Sibiu Christmas market

Sibiu has been on my list for quite a while now, and I got to visit it this summer (I still owe you an article about that one), but in the last 3 years I hoped to get there. Unfortunately, time isn’t by my side, but I hope I’ll make it there just to see it. 

Bruge Christmas Market

The amazing photos from there make me wish I could teleport, because it looks so cute and amazing. It is straight out of a film. 

London Christmas market

London completely transforms itself at Christmas time and it is such a great feeling to see the photos. It’s a real winter wonderland. They do know how to decorate! 

Edinburgh Christmas market

I know it might be an unexpected choice, but Edinburgh seems to be a really nice choice and there are many positive reviews about their Christmas market. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and I can’t wait to see your thoughts! See you tomorrow with a new post! 😉

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