3 Ways to stay on budget this Christmas

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Christmas or just holiday shopping in general, I am having a little trouble with budgeting. 😅 On the bright side, I have learnt some tricks when it comes to this part of the year. I am a giver and I love offering gifts and seeing people happy about them! 🥰 After all these years, I have discovered 3 precious tips that will help you to stay on budget during this holiday session:  

Planning ahead

Making a list of potential gifts you think your persons would love to receive always helps! Then a little bit of research helps to find out the prices, so you can plan ahead an approximate budget as well. At times, you can get them way before holiday season and you might even get a discount, which will save you some money. 👍

Prioritize who you buy gifts for

We are still talking about lists… and this time you need to establish your priorities and the people you are offering gifts to. This may sound harsh, but you really need to think well about those who will receive your gifts. I am a giver and if I could, trust me, that I would happily offer gifts to everyone I know, but unfortunately my budget doesn’t allow it. 😥

Saying "No" to emotional spending

Emotional spending it’s a real thing… too real if you ask me, and I am extremely guilty of it. It is not a secret that emotions are guiding our decision making, including our purchases. We have all gone though this feeling in a store before: “This would be the perfect gift for Christmas”, “You won’t find it if you don’t get it now.” We have to stick to the first two points we have already discussed and to the budget we decided upon. Not more nor less! We can do it, I know we can! Don’t try to convince yourself otherwise.

Let me know that other tips you are using when shopping for the perfect Christmas gift! ♥

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