Mac Liquid Eyeliner vs. Essence Liquid Ink

Mac Liquid Eyeliner vs. Essence Liquid Ink

Hello lovelies! 

I am very excited about today’s post, mostly because this is the start of a new series I have thought about for a while now. The series will be called Beauty on Budget, and it will be dedicated to discovering more affordable options for high end make-up products, so as to help you save some $. Most of the time, cheaper alternatives to certain make-up products can surprise us.

In today’s post I decided to start with eyeliners, because I know how difficult it can be to actually find a really good one and I have been struggling with it for years. For quite a while I have seen girls on social media and in real life having a flawless eyeliner look, while I still tried to find a good eyeliner which would last and would not crease, while giving me the perfect wing and would be pretty easy to use. Little did I know that Mac would have the solution for all my requests in an eyeliner. So, in today’s post we’ll discuss about an alternative I have discovered to MAC’s liquidlast eyeliner.

What I like about MAC Eyeliner

  • It has a longwear formula (+12h-tested by me)
  • The intensity of the black 
  • The brush- the product goes on so smooth
  • The color selection
  • The fact that it doesn’t transfer onto the lid (for a hooded eye person this is a blesssing)

What I dislike about MAC Eyeliner

  • It dries out very fast
  • It is very difficult to take off, and it case you mess up your eyeliner for the day it is such a pain to correct it. 
  • The price- it is a pricey eyeliner
  • The quantity

What I like about Essence Liquid Ink

  • The brush, because makes the application so much easier and precise
  • The matte, black finish
  • It does not transfer
  • The price- it is incredibly affordable

What I dislike about Essence Liquid Ink

  • It doesn’t last as long as MAC eyeliner does
  • It can be easily wiped off just by using your hand
  • The application can be tricky
  • The lack of intensity of the black

All in all, I love both of these eyeliners and I know that there may be other alternatives for Mac liquidlast eyeliner, but I found this one that worked great. Essence surprised me once again. I hope you enjoyed this first article from the Beauty on budget series, which is going to help you save some cash. If you have another dupe which works great, make sure to let me know. 🙂 

*Disclaimer: All the products mentioned in this blog post have been purchased by me and there are no sponsored or affiliate links to the aforementioned companies. 

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