Girls’ trip weekend

Well, hello there! 

I promise you that I am not trying to make any kind of excuses and maybe it is just me, but life seems to have been a little bit too much to handle in the last weeks. Could have been Mercury retrograde or maybe something else, but I have been trying to get a little gasp of it all. Somehow I know these are “unprecedented times” and we are trying our best to stay positive and look forward things which bring us joy.   

Needless to say that in these times and all the stress, I have realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by such amazing people. Also, for the first time in months I have been able to shift my focus to the things I enjoy doing most, such as travel, blogging, cooking. And with this being said, what else could be better than having a girl’s trip dedicated weekend. 

Even though we couldn’t travel too far, the pandemics had us discovering lovely and beautiful places near by (being a tourist in your own country couldn’t be so bad after all, right?

Oradea seemed to be a close location, easy to reach, with some nice restaurants, good food, and fun times. It was the perfect time to recharge. It has been quite some time since I have been there, but it was just as I remembered it: all calm and filled with good food. 

Where to stay?

Our staying was a beautiful apartment prepared to host 6 persons, which was comprised of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a balcony, a kitchen and a spacious living room. The light in the apartment was incredible, as well as the design. It was incredibly cozy and warm! Even though we slept there for one night only, we really enjoyed our time there! 

You can find plenty of options and at affordable prices and relatively close to the city center. 😊

Where to eat? 

We had 2 days, so we had to make quite some quick choices, but let me tell you that our choices in terms of food were pretty cool and I would absolutely go back there to eat. If you get to visit Oradea, you must try these 2 places we discovered. 😋

Firstly, I have to thank my girls for taking me there and telling me about this place. The food was amazing and I plan to go back there! 

Secondly, allow me to offer you more details about the place: 

  • It’s an artisan food hall and bakery, it has a specialized coffee bar, a salad bad
  • It is also a butchery (yep, if something catches your attention you can grab it and take it home to cook it)
  • They have ready to cook food
  • They offer gluten free options
  • It is a small business, started with a unique perspective. 

Piata 9 finds itself in top 10% worldwide on Tripadvisor. 

Need I say more? The food was absolutely delicious and we had our lunch and dinner served there. You know what they say that “a photo is worth 1000 words”? I will let these photos to do the talking. 

Its location makes it a dreamy place, because by being situated by the river it’s a big bonus. At the same time, their menu is mainly focused on seafood, and there goes my heart. 

It has also vegetarian, gluten free options, but the food was absolutely delicious! Very nice services and atmosphere. The food was delicious! Rivo is a must try restaurant! 

Our trip was quick, but if you decide to visit Oradea, I would absolutely recommend to see the city center, the Botanical garden, Nymphaea Aquapark (well, hopefully it will open soon), Oradea Fortress, Ciuperca Hill.

P.S. Visit Jumbo too (I mean, if you must spend some extra money). 

Take care and I’d love to know which are some of the locations near by that you visited recently. 😊

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