Clinique Skincare Review

Clinique Skin Care Review

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It’s been a while and now the day is getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and we need to take better care of our skin. I know this article is coming a little bit later than initially planned, but I needed some time to test the Clinique products in order to be able to see an evolution. 

At the beginning of summer I purchased some of the Clinique skin care products, because my skin was going through a phase and I needed some help. Since I have read a lot of opinions about Clinique, I thought I would try their products, because they seemed  to be suitable for my skin issues. 

After having used them, you can find out the results below: 

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

  • It is the first step from the 3 Step Skin Care System, recommended for Type 2 of skin- dry combination.
  • Clinique developed it for a gently and effective cleansing, while being comforting to dried skins and refreshing to oilier skin. 
  • What I really enjoyed about it was how fast and easy it removed my  make-up. Unfortunately, my eye make-up was not totally removed and it rather caused a burning feeling for my eyes.
  • My issue with this product is the fact that it dried my skin so badly and I gave it a fair shot: I have been using for aprox 3 months. I did see some improvements in my skin, but not major ones. I had to stop using it because it caused some imbalances in my skin and I was caught in a vicious circle: the liquid soap was drying the life out of my skin, while the cream was moisturizing it. 
  • If you have oily skin, this is something you would like to try because it will balance out your skin and it will take care of the sebum.
  • It was very fast to use. 

Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing cream

  • It’s the third step  in the skin care routine Clinique developed
  • The cream claims that it combines all day hydration with skin-strengthening ingredients. It makes skin more resilient, comforts and replenishes moisture. 
  • It is designed for very dry and dry combination skin (Skin type 1,2)
  • It has 50 ml/1.7 OZ
  • It does leave your skin with a deep feeling of hydration
  • I really quite liked it, but I think I had purchased for the wrong season. Now that winter is upon us, this cream would work wonders against the skin dryness caused by the cold weather. In summer, I must admit that it did not impress me much, just because I have a mixed type of skin. It did moisturized my skin, but at some point, it started to look a little bit greasy. 
  • I would not recommend it as a base for your make up. I did try that as well and I noticed that throughout the day the make-up started to move around and looked a little bit funny. It also clogged my pores and got me some zits on my chin.  
  • The packaging is lovely. It makes this cream easy to be taken on your travels. Good job, Clinique! 
  • I will define repurchase it for these colder months. 

At the purchasing of Clinique products, Sephora offered me a little Clinique Gift, which I must say that I was very happy with. The Gift contained: 

  • The 7 day scrub cream rinse off– I found this facial scrub being great. It really left my skin feeling softer and it refined it. It also claims that helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines, but it does not in my opinion. If you are looking for a nice scrub, give this one a go. 
  • The the day off cleansing balm– I LOVE IT! Even though it was a small sample size jar, I am actually thinking about buying the whole size product. You just have to massage it over your face and it will remove your make -up like a dream, while leaving your skin feeling soft. As a bonus, it removed the eye make-up without irritating my eyes. 
  • High Impact Mascara in black– I like it. It is a nice one, and it separates the lashes beautifully, while making them longer, giving the impression you have false eyelashes. Other than that I am intrigued to find out more about their other mascaras.
  • Clinique Pop Lip Colour in shade sweet pop– I enjoy the formula of this lipstick, but unfortunately the shade is not the one who works for me. I am a fan of red lipstick and deeper shades, while this one it is a pretty shade,  it is a pink one, which I feel looks a little bit weird on me. It does keep lips moisturized, but the colour definitely does not last for 8 hours as they claim it to do.  

Overall, Clinique is a brand which I absolutely love and recommend. They have really good skin care products and also, make-up, which I am tempted to try more of. Their formula is really nice and you should give it a try, because what did not work for me, maybe it will work for your skin type. Clinique is really one of the brands which invests a lot in their skin care. If there is any product from Clinique which you tried and loved, please let me know :)!

*Disclaimer: All the products mentioned in this blog post have been purchased by me and there are no sponsored or affiliate links to the aforementioned company. 

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