A trip to Athens

Hello there :)! I know some time has gone by since my last post, and the reason why I have been M.I.A is that I had a lot going on recently and I was all over the place.  But that did not stop me from getting on a little spring break. 🙂 That’s right… I needed a little break to recharge my batteries and to find inspiration. With this being said, this is my first post for the “Travel” category and all my following posts in this category will fall under the tag #illtakeyouto… and this week #illtakeyoutoAthens. Nothing could have been more appropriate for a spring break than a girls’ trip to Athens. There was an entire adventure of how we chose to go to Athens, but that is a whole other story that will be told another time. :)))

We got the plane tickets, then we found an absolutely lovely 3 room apartment where we stayed for 4 nights.

By the way, an awesome travel tip is (This accommodation website will be your best buddy for every trip you will make, because you can find homes/apartments at great prices).  Our host was amazing and made sure that we had everything we needed to enjoy our staying. We even had Netflix! ❤  Also, the apartment was really close to the metro station/shops.

When we arrived in Athens the weather was really lovely. To get to the apartment, we had to take the metro, and the host was extremely helpful with the explanations on how to actually get there. The metro in Athens is great and very simple to use, you will not get lost. The first evening was just dedicated to catching up and admiring the beautiful view we had from the balcony. Moreover, the second day was dedicated to visiting Acropolis. We decided to take a walk since it was relatively close to where we were staying. We saw the streets of Athens and we got used to the surroundings. Taking a walk in a new city can always offer you other perspectives and an insight, and in this case it sure did. Before arriving to Acropolis, we stopped at the Library of Hadrian. We took a walk around and noticed the details of the ruins, then we continued our way to Acropolis. I loved Acropolis! It was like a dream. Since it is uphill, from the moment when we got there, we had an incredible view over Athens. Unforgettable! Also, while you are up there you will visit the Parthenon, Erechtheum (temple dedicated to the Greek Gods Athena and Poseidon), Temple of Athena Nike, Theater of Dyonisus (to which the access was restricted, but offered an impressive overview of it). After that, we went and visited the National Gardens and I just fell in love with what I had seen. It was lovely taking a walk in the park. In what concerns food and drinks and the restaurants, we stopped by some restaurants and caffees.

  The Clumsies was one of the first places we stopped by. It is an “all day bar”, which was no. 6 in the “World’s 50 best bars in 2017”. It is described as a great place for brunch and their list of cocktails changes annually. Indeed, when we entered we noticed it was full house and we barely found an empty table. The waiter was very polite, the order was brought relatively fast. I just loved the design of the place and I understood why it is a very popular choice for the people in Athens. For this very reason, I would recommend you to book a table and give it a try if you go to Athens. In the third day, we got a tour bus (which I totally recommend) that took us around Athens. This was perfect, because it takes you to the main places worth to visit and it is a valuable tour. Of course, I had to take the typical touristic photos, as you may see below. In our bus tour, we stopped at the National Library of Athens, Academy of Athens, Arch of Hadrian, and Zeus’ Temple. We also passed by the Panathenaic Stadium and the Greek Parliament. Now, in what concerns my persona, I love food so I knew I wanted to eat Greek food. While touring, we stopped at the Arcadia Restaurant. It is a popular choice for the tourists for its location (quite close to the Acropolis Museum). The waiters were very polite. We had a drink on the house. The Tzatziki sauce was so yummy, as well as the seafood (the shrimps with the risotto were delicious). Overall, I really recommend you stopping by this restaurant if you visit Athens. In the evening, we stopped by Spollati. This was a really cozy and nice restaurant and it had delicious desserts. I really liked how it was designed. By the way, I miss the dessert I had here. Our forth day in Athens was dedicated to visiting Piraeus, which is 12 km away from the city center. We stopped by the Port of Piraeus. Then, the next stop was the beautiful Palaio Faliro, which was absolutely incredible. Just being on the beach and watching how the waves rolled by is a great memory. I just want to go back, and sit on the beach. Please take me back 😭! On the Palaio Faliro beach, we had chosen a table at Edem Restaurant, so we enjoyed a meal with an astonishing view over the beach as the sun was going down. In what concerns what I chose to eat, I made a surprising choice and for the first time, I ate spade fish. It was just delicious. Who would have thought I will like it as much as I did? Also, for the last evening I learned that getting lost killometters away from the city center, in a semi- unknown area of Athens, with no bus tickets, with barely any battery left on our phones while asking people who barely spoke English for directions, was not fun. 😅 After we managed to get back to the city center somehow, we decided to stay for a little while in Syntagma Square and enjoy the atmosphere. There were many youngsters and music and the vibe was just right. Our last day in Athens was dedicated to just walking around and going to Monastiraki Square, just to take a closer look to the shops there and still make the most out of it. Kotili was the last place where we arrived to eat and I quite enjoyed the Greek Salad I had opted for, in spite of the amount of onions from Greece that were in it. 😂 It was a late and well deserved brunch. Now, I could not leave Athens without trying DaVinci Gelato. The time I had to stay in the line was unbelievable, but it was so worth it, because the gelato was absolutely delicious and I will gladly go back just for it anytime. Also, Coffee Island had to offer a great frappe and the best Greek coffee. 🙂 Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Athens (besides the traffic, which was awful) and made some unforgettable memories! I would also want to thank my 2 great friends for making this an amazing experience. ❤ I tried to make the most out of my time and I will for sure return to Greece! But until then, where should be my next adventure?

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