A weekend getaway

Hey there! I hope this year started just as you expected it to and I hope you have been doing well since we last heard from each other! 🥳

It has been some time, lots of work and many plans, but taking a well deserved break from time to time may be more beneficial than one might expect. 🥰 As you already know by now, I love to travel and discover new places, even if it’s just for a couple of days. Last year offered a great opportunity to discover some great places that I am more than excited to share with you. I was surprised by how many chalets and small businesses have appeared during the course of the last few years, and this is astonishing, considering the variety of experiences they offer. 

One of these surprising and beautiful places we have found would have to be Transylvania Villa and Spa, a 5 star hotel, which was more than welcoming and with various facilities. The entire suite was perfect for a prolonged weekend (exactly what we were looking for). If you have in plan disconnecting for a bit, while discovering new pieces of nature, then this would have to be the perfect stay for you, especially during winter (if you’re a fan of winter sports).

Transylvania Villa and Spa is located in Baisoara (Cluj County) and they have completely equipped apartments and rooms, a restaurant area in the building, a predefined food menu, from which you can choose what you would like to eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner), but you can as well bring your own food, because as I was mentioning, based on the room you pick, a fridge might be included. Plus, they have a bar as well and you can order a drink based on your preference. 😏

I must say that I was impressed by the cleanness of the place, as well as the facilities they have. It’s important to mention that because of the current Covid-19 situation, some of the facilities such as jacuzzi were not available. Other facilities would have to be the spa area with Finnish and Infrared sauna, shower massage and a hot tub with an incredible view. In the apartment we have rented the kitchen was relatively small, but on the other hand the balcony was generous, the living room was really spacious, as well as the bedroom. Not only this, but the staff was really nice and helpful. ☺

Something to pay attention to is the payment method though, and the reason would have to be that you will be charged there on the spot, regardless of what the description says on Booking. This came as a little bit of surprise for us, since the money appeared to be already blocked on my account, but don’t worry, because you can pay either with cash or card. 





Overall, Transylvania Villa would get 4/5 stars, since the food (depends on what you order) and the payment experience was not as expected, but other than that you must have it , because it is an absolutely lovely place and location and you will relax more than you can imagine! Plus, you will have a great view and it is close to the skiing slope. 

Also, a bonus information would be that they held corporate events too and they have facilities in line with that. 


I hope this article helps you, and as always I hope I will see you sooner than you think. And if you have some other places in mind, please do share them with me, because I would be happy to check them. 💖

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