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7 make-up brushes you must have

Well, hello there! 🙂 It’s been quite a while with a deserved break ( not really a break, because I have been working on lots of projects), but I am coming now with an article, which I do hope you will find helpful. I think by now you must know that make-up products are important, but what matters even more are the make-up brushes we apply them with. There is a lot of information and videos about make-up brushes you must have as a beginner. You may feel a little bit lost, but don’t worry, because I felt so overwhelmed in the beginning too. 

After all the “research” I did, I have come to the conclusion that as a beginner you would not need more than 7 brushes to complete your make-up look, plus sometimes, you can use each the same brush to apply different products.

Foundation brush

Such a brush needs to have a dense and flat-top which helps you to blend the product easily into the skin without leaving strikes behind. This brush can also be used to apply concealer. Be careful though, because if it doesn’t have the right density it can take a lot of your product, and leave you with strikes on your face. I am using mine just to perfect the look and it works perfectly well when used with the beauty blender. ❤️ I would recommend the one from Zoeva.

Face makeup brushes
Powder brush

This may be the most popular type of brush you might have seen in photos, tutorials + everyone is using it. It’s a great must have brush for you as a beginner. Trust me, I have gone through this and nothing helps applying the powder or blending all over the face products better than this type of brush! It just makes the make-up look complete. And the struggle is real without this brush. 😂

Brow brush

Looking for perfect brows? Yes! Please!

If you were like me and thought that you would not need such a brush, I can confirm that you must have one! It is a life and time saver when you want to have the best eyebrows and it makes it extremely easy to get them done in under 5 minutes. Need I say more? 

Tip: You can use this brush to apply eyeliner as well.

Makeup brushes
Eyeshadow Blending brush 

Have you ever wondered how can you achieve the perfect eye look after seeing all the YouTube tutorials?

Well, it took me quite some time and many tests to break the code. The secret is you need a great blending brush for every make-up you ever wish to do and eyeshadow palette you want to purchase. This will save you time and you will get the make-up looks you are going for. The brush I have been using is from Zoeva and I love it for the great job is doing. 

Eyeshadow brush
Pencil brush

If you want a very detailed and precised brush for your eye make-up, then this is exactly what you should be looking for. Such a brush will make your work easier in the outer corner of the eye, and helps you smudge your eyeliner or eyeshadow you have applied in a matter of seconds.

Eyeshadow brushes
Contour brush

If you want to achieve sculpted cheeks, look no further! 😄 Such a brush will help when applying the powder or cream contour on the cheek bone area. It works wonders and it will give you the chiseled effect! Many brands have this type of angled brush meant to hug the hollow of your cheeks, but there is just something special about this one from Zoeva that I have and love. 

Concealer brush

This is one of the brushes which has the perfect shape to blend the product in the under eyes area, and around the nose, but also for detailed jobs (concealing spots and blemishes). This brush was a game changer for me and I use it in my daily routine. 

Eyes makeup brushes

You may be also wondering which brushes are the best and from where you can get them.

I just want to say that I am a huge fan of Zoeva brushes and I was not disappointed at all. It was an investment well made and I am truly recommending them. Also, other affordable brushes can be found on Morphe’s website, even Elf has some nice ones. Other brands which are nice and I plan on testing are Mac, Sigma, even Sephora’s own line of makeup brushes. I hope this helps you in creating your little make-up kit. Also, let me know which is your favourite makeup brush that you cannot live without, or which makeup brushes you own and love/help you in your makeup routine. 😄

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