A trip to Vienna

A trip to Vienna

Vienna is one of the European capitals I have always wanted to visit, besides its well known Christmas markets. Vienna in autumn is a great idea too! Walking on the streets of the city was such a beautiful experience. I was a huge fan of the architecture of the buildings and I loved the symmetry you can notice around the whole city. If you want or plan going to Vienna, just know that you have chosen the right travel destination, because there is a lot you can visit.

If you plan a city break to Vienna, here is a short guide of what you should absolutely visit:

  • Schönbrunn Palace- I absolutely loved the palace, and the Grand Tour is absolutely worth it. I was mesmerized by the 40 rooms I had seen, especially by the ballroom. The ballroom is something magical. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos during the tour of the castle. Also, make sure to visit the gardens of the palace. You will have a lot to see and for me it was a dream come true since I was younger, when I used to watch cartoons with princess Sisi.
  • Gloriette– It offers an impressive view over the Schönbrunn palace, from the Panorama Terrace, as well as over a part of Vienna. Incredibly breathtaking!
  • The Maze– You would not want to miss all the fun of getting lost in a labyrinth. and trying to get to the viewing platform in the center of it. We got lost even when trying to find our way back out. 
  • Schönbrunn Zoo- it is close to the palace and you would not want to miss the opportunity of seeing the rhinos or the giraffe, the lions or the penguins. I just had so much fun at the zoo. Beware- it will take a lot of time to visit the entire zoo so plan it wisely, but it’s something amazing. You can see from the photos that I have enjoyed my time there. I have even visited my animal spirit- Panda Bears. They were absolutely adorable and I would have taken them home. :))) 
  • Privy Garden- can be found on the eastern side of the palace and they offer a walk onto the valuable collection of citrus trees. It also has such an interesting pergola. 
  • Palm House and Botanic Garden- I did not get a chance to enter, but many were rather excited to have visited it. 

The idea is that in the Schönbrunn area you will have a lot to visit and I enjoyed every single minute of it. 

Don’t miss out the Museums! Vienna has an area called Museums Quarter, which is one of the largest cultural complexes and art spaces in the world. It contains Baroque buildings and museums such as the Leopold Museum, Mumok. Also, don’t forget to visit the National Museum of Art. It is just such a beautiful museum to visit, but it is huuuuge so you will need to dedicate a couple of hours to it. 

I have visited Kahlenberg  as well. The hill offers an incredible view over Vienna. The road trip to the hill is just such an amazing experience. Vienna’s woods are incredibly well kept and before arriving to the hill you can also stop by at the local vineyards to get a taste of the Austrian wine. While you are at it, if you take a walk you will notice also the house where Mozart stayed in. Such an impressive scenery overall!  

Stephansplatz- One of the best known cathedral is St. Stephen’s Cathedral and let me tell you that its structure is just unbelievable! The details of the altar as well as those of the towers are incredible. After you visit the cathedral, make sure to take a walk in the Stephansplatz, because you will not be disappointed by all the shops and restaurants you will find there. 

Boat trip on the Danube– Unfortunately, we missed the chance to get on this trip on the Danube, but instead we actually got lost and we saw the Danube and the bridge, so go on a boat trip on the Danube’s Channel! 

Madame Tussaud Museum– It is located in Prater, which is a large public park in Vienna and where you can also find the Giant Ferris Wheel. The amusement park will offer you a very nice atmosphere. I had lots of fun in the park as you can see from the photos. 

For where to eat, I have some recommendations, and some pretty cool places would be: Soprano, a very cozy restaurant close to the Vienna State Opera. They have the best Viennese Schintzel and Cordon Bleu. Also, their price range is alright and the waiters are so so nice. Def recommend! 

Also, in Stephansplatz, I found a very cosy and vintage Cafe, named L. Heiner Wollzeile. I just fell in love with the cakes they had, the other sweets and good coffee, but also the atmosphere. While you are there you will see many Viennese enjoying their cup of coffee, while reading the newspaper. 

If you are a seafood lover, do not miss Nordsee restaurant. They have excellent seafood and delicious sandwiches and fish. You will always find a line there, because it is so crowded and people just love their food. I could barely find a place to have a sit in there. 

What I want to mention is the fact that during this city break, I had opted for a 2 day Vienna Pass card, which offered a great and insightful tour of the city center as well as the surroundings. I absolutely recommend the Vienna Pass, because it offers you free entries to many attractions+you can use their hop on/hop off buses on the 5 lines/routes, as often as you want and as long as your Vienna Pass card is valid. You can find more details on their website about the prices and the routes. 

To what concerns our staying, I would like to say a huge thank you to Vienna Living Apartments for their welcoming and one of the best and clean apartments I have seen. 

Overall, Vienna was such a beautiful experience and I loved every single part of it, from the architecture to the food and lifestyle and I am sure I will go back there soon. If you visited Vienna, please let me know your experience! 🙂 

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